Monday, February 10, 2014

Monthly Board Reports

Our School Board has gone Google and paperless with Google Drive.  Starting a year ago we purchased Chromebooks for the board members to use.

These instructions are for how the drive is organized and what to do each month for the board members.

The Google Drive was formed and shared using the tech user account.  This way any staff member with access can go in with full rights.  It is not tied to a specific staff member.

PSD School Board ->
     Consent Agenda
     SB Reports ->
          Elem Principal
          Food Services
          HS Principal

Inside each is a folder for the past school years, for organizational purposes.  Add a new folder each year and move the files into those folders to keep it clean.

The Archive folder is where all past meeting files are organized.  These are links to the files also stored elsewhere in the drive.

The meeting folder is used by the board for easy access to all files stored throughout the drive.  Each month I create a link to the files in this folder.  To create a link find the original click the Move To folder button and press and hold the Ctrl key when clicking the Meeting folder.  The Ctrl key allows for multiple locations.  Then click OK to create the link.  Keep all files in the original locations, but add a link to the meeting folder.

At the end of the meeting from the meeting folder, select all files and folders except the policy folder and move these to the Archive folder for that month.  To move, but keep the other links you press the Ctrl key and uncheck the meeting folder check and while still holding the Ctrl key click the archive month folder.

All files are named as such:
     2014 02C Technology Report
     Year | Month | Section of the agenda | Title
Agenda header items are A, Administrative reports are B, Supervisor reports are C

The board group is given view access.  Each supervisor has been granted edit rights to the SB Reports folder that corresponds to their position.

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