Friday, January 3, 2014

Factory Reset Chromebook

I have recently purchased a few Chromebooks.  We have both Acer and Samsung.  These instructions worked on both.

When joining a Chromebook to our local email domain for management the process is fairly straightforward.  You wait for the sign in screen, but instead of signing in you press Ctrl-E.  This then brings up another sign in screen, and I have entered the admin email and password, then the system says enrolled and the sign in screen actually comes up, but now says that this device is managed by my email domain.

Sometimes during this process the device doesn't enroll properly.  The only way to fix that is to factory reset the device and try again.

I had to call support to get this information, but since it worked on both types of devices I am blogging it for my future reference!

With the device turned off completely follow these instructions:

Esc - Refresh - Power button  The refresh button is F3 on both of the devices, but is usually represented by a circular arrow.
Once the device comes up to the developer mode press:
Ctrl - D and the  Enter key.

This will send the device into develop reset mode.  It will probably take a few minutes to wipe the device.  It will restart a few times.  When it is done it will go right back to the initial process as if you just turned it on for the first time.

The device can now be enrolled in the domain for management.

The Acer device needed the developer mode turned off, which is just the above process again.  The Samsung didn't need that step.

Hopefully this helps others, or at least is for my reference.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

PSD Koha Circulation Barcode Modification

So I spent a few summers ago upgrading the library system to Koha.  It was actually fairly painless to do with the help of linux.  But I ran into an issue of barcodes matching at both schools.  So to eliminate that I added an e to the barcodes for the elementary.  Now to get the scanner to put the e on at the end so the librarian wouldn't have to add it manually.

Instead of making the scanner do that work I found that you can modify the Circulation file in Koha to do that work for you.  In our situation that was good since the books at the high school have added number data in the barcode as well.

So here is the location of the file:

This is what I modified to get it to work:
elsif ($filter eq 'T-prefix') {
  if ($barcode =~ /^[Tt](\d)/} {
    (defined($1) and $1 eq '0') and return $barcode;
  $barcode = substr($barcode, 2) + 0;
return sprintf("T%07d", $barcode);

if($branch eq '0762' and substr($barcode, -1) eq 'e'){
  return $barcode;}
elsif($branch eq '0135' and length($barcode) >= 6){
  $barcode = substr($barcode, 2, 5);
if(substr($barcode, 0, 1) eq 'T'){
  if(substr($barcode, 1, 1) eq ' '){
    $barcode = substr($barcode, 2);}
  else{$barcode = substr($barcode, 1);}
$barcode = substr($barcode, -5);
if($branch eq '0762'){
  return sprintf("%05de", $barcode);
} else {
  return sprintf("%05d", $barcode);