Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MySQL on Windows Server

These are the steps to install MySQL on a Windows Server.

Download MySQL for windows from here.  Make sure you have IIS and PHP installed.

Run the installer and choose the options that you feel are important for your setup, I usually use the Typical setup.  I also like to include PHPMyAdmin, which you can get from here.

When MySQL is finished installing then you need to set it up.  Run the Server Instance Configuration Wizard and select detailed install.  Then select either Server or developer machine.  I also use Multi-functional database setup.  I use mostly default settings except I like to include the bin directors in the windows path.  I also like to give Root a password but allow root access from remote machines.  Then you are done.

Copy PHPMyAdmin to your InetPub folder and you now have access to your MySQL database from an easy to use front-end application.

That is it.

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